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a Question from a noob.
I have a 2013 Dodge Dart SXT 1.4 nearly paid off. Here is a list of all that’s been done so far:
Warranty replaced DDCT
Engine off eBay (approximately 60,000 miles)
Madness Bluetooth gopedal
Mpx ported throttle body
Mpx underdrive pulley kit
Mpx timing belt kit
Mpx typhoon k&n short ram cai
NGK Iridium plugs
Granatelli coil pack set
Optima Yellowtop h6 battery

This has been installed and the car is a different animal and runs excellent.
My plan for the car is to install the following systems to complete the build. I’m just not sure in which order since money is an issue. But I have time and patience.

Hpsi blue silicone intercooler pipes
ATP catted down pipe with swain coating
Hpsi Motorsport yellow vacuum hose set
Mpx forged wastegate
Cravenspeed throttle body spacer
GFB diverter +
NGEN Forge wastegate actuator spring kit for 1.4
(2) Bowerkar blue anodized oil catch cans
Mac 3 port electronic boost solenoid
(2) Sport Racing N1 4” stainless burnt tip muffler exhaust +silencer tips with muffler and resonator delete
Mpx exhaust without muffler kit
Second optima yellowtop battery in trunk with Nvx computer controlled isolator
4/0 welding cable big 4 upgrade (yes big 4 I’m upgrading the starter to 4awg also)
I have mpx a-pillar dual 52mm gauge pod for Pro sport boost and wideband gauges.
so, should I begin with the forge wastegate and diverter+ And MAC 3 and oil catch cans?
I know this will be expensive. I hadn’t even mentioned the hellcat amerihood or rear spoiler or all-fit spoilers and AGS shutter deletion of 6 fins.
Please help!! I’m not sure where I should start nor am I sure which Tune to get to control all this! Possible something from Greg at Eurocompulsion because I’ll need help with setting specs for all this! Whew! Thanks in advance. Remember I’m a Noob. But one that reads and learns
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