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Upgrading wheels and tires.

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Hi all, first time posting here.
I have a 2015 dart sxt, I'm tired of the old 16inch wheels that are on it. I was toying with the idea of upgrading wheels and tires. My question to you all is can I just slap some 5x110 lug pattern 18x8 wheels with a 40 or 42 offset on the car without clearance issues of the suspension?
I know I'll need smaller walled tires to compensate for the size. But can I just throw them on and have no clearance issues or do I need to modify the suspension or caliper or anything?

I'd like to have a kinda semi flush fitment with the side of the wheels to the car like I don't want it to look like the wheels are sucked inside of the fender well. But I don't need it to look like I've got 2inch wheel adapters on the car.

what would you suggest for wheel size.

Any help is appreciated, I'm not knowledgeable with this sort of stuff.

Thanks so much.
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I bought my 2015 dart GT with aftermarket 18x8. The center cap on my rear tires are pushed out by the wheel hub cap. I know wheel spacers would fix this but I don’t like the look of the wheel sticking way out. I plastidipped my rims and it’s holding my caps in place.
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OK so 18s would fit height wise. Do you know what the offset is for your wheels?
They have never rubbed the fenders or anything. I’m thinking of using coilovers to drop the dart down an inch or two. Then maybe clearance could be an issue.
Awesome, I'm sure it'll look slick as hell.

Thanks for the pointers I really appreciate it.
Those look really nice on your dart. Spoke pattern is perfect. Are your calipers red?
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