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I've been trying to find a solution to this problem for a while now and I haven't seen any answers online, so I thought I'd post here- I have the iPhone 6 paired to my Uconnect via bluetooth. Everything's all set up, I can make calls, etc, but...

When I first start the car, I play music on the Spotify iPhone app. Spotify shows a connection to the Uconnect bluetooth system, but when I switch the audio input on the car stereo so that it will play music via bluetooth, BT isn't an option, only AUX and sometimes USB. There's even a little BT icon on the stereo screen (sometimes?) that lets me know I've got a device connected- I just can't switch to that input method.

Every single time I do this it takes so much fussing to get everything working properly that I've just disconnected my iPhone from Uconnect so I can play music through the AUX cord. (If you don't disconnect the phone completely, music plays for about two minutes through the AUX and then switches to BT.... but I can't access the BT function, so there's just no sound at all.)

I just got this car so any tips would be much appreciated. It's such a specific problem that I've been unable to find answers elsewhere.
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