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Over the course of the past year or so, my Dart has developed the common issue of having the windshield wipers turn on when I activate my turn signal. Specifically the left turn signal. When activated it causes the wipers to do a single wipe back and forth. When the turn signal turns off, it does another single wipe back and forth.

It only did it once in a while but now it does it every single time. The fix is $500 at the dealership or much much cheaper if pulled from a junkyard and DIY.

I noticed that the turn signal stalk had some resistance and a rough "click" when activated. In my opinion that was the warning sign of it failing down the road. If your turn signal stalk doesn't feel right, that is most likely going to be an issue at some point in time. Just a heads up to everybody.

Here is the replace video in case anybody needs it for reference.
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