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Hello! I recently bought a 2013 Dodge Dart SXT 1.4l. I’m really pretty new to turbos, I get the basics of them but I don’t know how everything works together. I noticed at about 2700-3000 rpm the turbo spoils and builds boost but it only performs good when the motor is cold. When it’s up to running temperature it kind of feels like it isn’t spooling smoothly and hesitates to produce power. I checked the bearings on the intake side and exhaust side and they are good. But I did notice my turbo fins are slightly chipped. This car is 100% stock so I was wondering if this is a big deal or if it is part of my warm running problem. It has no CEL. I have attached a photo of my turbos intake fins. Any information you give I’m sure will be helpful. Thank you!


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