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Ok this one has been a tough one (at least for me). Hopefully someone can step in and help me out.
About a month ago I noticed a clicking noise happening at road speed as I was driving. It sounds like a card attached to the wheel that clicks as the wheel spins around. At first, I thought it might be something stuck in the wheel itself, but there’s no sign of that, as the wheel looks fine. Also, I jacked the car up, started it up and put it into gear without the front wheels on. The noise is still present without the wheels on. The noise is inconsistent, and happens most rotations of the axle at about 25+ MPH. I then went to the brake to try to find the issue. I took out the brake pads and ran it again, but the noise was still there. I then went to the CV shaft. I had a shop rebuild it as I could see that the inner tripod joint had lost a good amount of grease from the boot, as it was all over the mounts/surrounding parts. After I got the rebuilt part back, I put it in and tried the same test, but the clicking remained.
Here’s what I haven’t done: Remove the caliper entirely.
Remove the brake rotor entirely.

I’m pretty confused/out of ideas as to what this flapping/clicking could be, so any ideas/help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
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