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okay guys lets get this forum interactive! Someone was complaining about being bored! This is a game that a Mustang/Capri forum I'm a part of plays and its pretty cool and simple, @Showboy likely knows what I'm talking about since he's from the same place.

Here's how it works.
We start by picking a place that you have to get a picture of your Dart in front of. Let's say a bowling alley, for example... The first person to get a picture of their Dart in front of a weird bowling alley sign or a bowling alley, gets to pick the next place (challenge). It has to be something reasonable, and if nobody gets the picture within a week, the person who picked it has to pick something else instead.


1) If a picture is being disputed whether it should qualify or not, it needs 3 votes (by any forum members participating) to be accepted.

2) All pictures have to be taken while out of the car, no driving by. You must have a sign that has your username on it too.

3) No action shots, illegal activities or items, duplicate challenges, or pics from in your car. You really have to go, stop, get out, take the picture, post it.

4) If challenge has not been completed within 1 week, the person who picked it has to pick a new challenge.

5) Make sure if you comment, to put the current challenge below so that we can stay up to date for those just joining us pages ahead.

6) Be funny and creative. Pics of Darts in front of interesting things or stuff you don't see everyday are always welcome.

7) Pictures have to be taken AFTER the challenge and CANNOT be old photos. No photoshopping!

The intention of this thread is to have fun and get people out enjoying their cars while most of the country has decent weather. So let's keep it fun and safe!

Here are a couple of examples from the other one so you get the idea.
Challenge was "in the parking lot of a defunct car dealership"

Challenge was "In front of your local post office"

So who wants to play?!


The idea in my head here are the digital marquee signs seen in front of banks often that show different screens like time, temp, etc. I figure this is a good one for any of my fellow midwest guys who might be a little crazy, out in our polar temperatures! Don't forget to bring your username sign when you take the picture!

Challenges and Standings

1. Pic with an outdoor temp. Sign: @aero13
2. Pic with a piece of heavy machinery: @dad's dart
3. At a ford dealership: @undfeatable
4. Next to a dart w/ an invitation tag on it: @AndreaLee
5. At a green light: @grashoper
6. Pic w/ a cop car: N/C
7. Pic with an address sign starting with a 2: @czechers
8. At a nice Italian restaurant: @Showboy
9. At a dealership w/ darts in the background: @Laguna Blue
10. In the sun: @wolfy45
11. With a ricer: @Jamann!
12. With a charger: @AndreaLee
13. W/ a neon, charger or challenger of the same color: @danielwarren23
14. With a wall of graffiti: @KBJR-91
15. With a beer delivery truck: @Jcozza
16. W/ something St. Patty's day related: @Blinker Fluid
17. In nature/ green: @Cody Joseph
18. 2-3 different Mopar vehicles: @W1NKS
19. Famous landmark: @grashoper
20. Town/county welcome sign: @danielwarren23
21. At a theme park: @AndreaLee
22. At a casino: N/C
23. Animal holding name sign: @Jamann!
24. In the dirt/ nature: @SkyRaysDart
25. Something military related: @Jamann!
26. W/ a fox body mustang: @Radam3
27. You+ Dart in a cemetery: @Bmxryder507
28. W/ a sign spinner or business mascot: N/C
29. With a duck: @sketchynik
30. W/ a Home Depot employee: @SideSwept
31. At an NFL stadium: @Its Vanilla
32. W/ current Chevy Cruze and Ford Focus: @AChorak
33. Ice cream shop: @harleychick
34. With a cow and a horse: @grashoper
35. With flowers: @Showboy
36. Pet in driver seat: @AndreaLee
37. At a company that went out of business: @harleychick
38. At a donut shop: @SkyRaysDart
39. Fast food drive thru: @Bmxryder507
40. In the mud: @Laguna Blue
41. Flags/ min of 4: @Jcozza
42. With an airplane: @iBattaglia
43. W/ a Retro super hero figurine: @57ChryslerDart
44.with a Gen 1,2 or 3 dart: @lilchuGz
45. With an armored vehicle or Veteran: @AndreaLee
46. Military fort entry sign: @grashoper
47. Sunrise or sunset: @57ChryslerDart
48. W/ an Italian Marque/ Fiat Chrysler automobile: @AndreaLee
49. At a well known gym: @Jcozza
50. Service member from dealership: N/C
51. By a pool: @ChicagoDart2014
52. At an indoor mall: @Jeffvanl
53. Dart's reflection: @KBJR-91
54. In a tunnel: @KtownDart
55. Lookout point: @Raptormarine1
56. CJDR at same dealership: @Showboy
57. Locally owned restaurant: @Jeffvanl
58. Boat on the water: @DartOut
59. Exotic $100k+ car: @Showboy
60. Getting gas: @57ChryslerDart
61. Near a soccer field: @Syl66
62. At golf course: @Showboy
63. Winding highway: @Jeffvanl
64. American Flag: @Showboy
65. Fireworks stand: @AndreaLee
66. Fireworks in background: N/C
67. 5 guys: @Radam3
68. All wheels off ground: @Jamann!
69. Classic Mopar: @Radam3
70. At assembly plant: @57ChryslerDart
71. Crops: @KtownDart
72. Twin Color: @57ChryslerDart
73. 2015 Wild Chryser 200: @Mopar2You
74. Nitrous Oxide in trunk: @J-ONE
75. Korean made car: @Shadows_ghost
76. Shipping containers: @BlueDart14
77. Wooden bridge: @dents101
78. On any beach: @BlueDart14
79. National park entrance: @jhbremer
80. NFL Stadium: N/C
81. Highway Sign: @Gregg
82. Next to Jacked-up Truck: @Speedy2cool
83. House Construction: @Showboy
84. With a Train: @J-ONE
85. Korean Restaurant: @Hunterlawre
86. Mascot: @BlueDart14
87. Waterfall: @grashoper
88. Local Produce Stand: @BlueDart14
89. Tall Tower: @Hunterlawre
90. Water Tower: @BlueDart14
91. Wet at Car Wash: @Showboy
92. At WalMart: @BlueDart14
93. Seafood Restaurant: @Showboy
94. Entrance to University: @BlueDart14
95. High School Football Field: @Syl66
96. IROC-Z: @iBattaglia
97. Car with Lambo Doors: @J-ONE
98. Pay phone: @BlueDart14
99. Police fire military memorial: N/C
100. Farm equipment: @Showboy
101. Church: @Radam3
102. Groceries at Meijers: N/C
103. Road closed sign: @AndreaLee
104. Pizza Ranch: @LagunaBlue
105. Trees changing color: @DartOut
106. Stone quarry: @Gregg
107. Pizza Delivery Vehicle: @BlueDart14
108. Loading Dock: @Showboy
109. Hospital ER: @BlueDart14
110. City Skyline: @bretth88
111. Donut Wheels: @Showboy
112. Round Hay Bale: @jhbremer
113. German Restaurant: @harleychick
114. Youth Football Team: @BlueDart14
115. Heavy Truck Dealership: @bretth88
116. Abandoned Building: @renegade83
117. Pizza Hut: @un4givn85
118. Mystery Machine: @Gregg
119. Flowing River: @renegade83
120. Statue: @BlueDart14
121. Scarecrow: @motoelliot
122. Jack-O-Lantern (Jackpot): @BlueDart14
123. Volunteer FD Bldg: @Naamanb
124. 1000+cc: @BlueDart14
125. Odd Fellow/Grange Hall: @Naamanb
126. University Hospital: @bretth88
127. Costume Your Car: @Showboy
128. 10+ Politician Signs: @BlueDart14
129. Moving Company/Truck: @Naamanb
130. at Zoo: @Jarofmayo17
131. at racetrack @BlueDart14
132. At Speed shop @Naamanb
133. at physic/tarrot @Jcozza
134. at Basketball court @mpriester08
135. at drive in restaurant @Showboy
136. with Turkey N/C
137. with fuel price sign @BlueDart14
138. at General store @Naamanb
139. with School busses @Radam3
140. with Plow truck @BlueDart14
141. Auto junk yard @Naamanb
142. at highway rest area N/C
143. with 3 + American muscle cars N/C
144. with nativity scene @MySorensen
145. with an armored car N/C
146. at Go Go bar @Radam3
147. Beside non Dart racetrack lights @crazyybrazee
148. in a Forest @Naamanb
149. at a demolition site N/C
150. at a Dog Kennel N/C
151. at a Gun Range @BlueDart14
152. by an old Barn N/C
153. with a Ski mobile N/C
154. at a brick building @Showboy
155. at Papa Johns @crazyybrazee
156. at Music store @Showboy
157. at a dollar store @Speedy2cool
158. with bear and chocolates @Showboy
159. with a Heart @Speedy2cool
160. with snow on Dart @BlueDart14
161. with musical Instrument @crazyybrazee
162. with dirty Dart @grashoper
163. Frost writing on dart @Showboy
164. with lottery sign @BlueDart14
165. at Ice Cream place @manual6speed
166. at Drive in @Showboy
167. with Skateboard @BlueDart14
168. with dirtbike or mountain bike N/C
169. hardware store/lumberyard N/C
170. at your house @crazyybrazee
171. with beach gear @BlueDart14
172. at drive thru line N/C
173. at place of work @un4givn85
174. with towing setup @Donny2020
175. Next to race car N/C
176. with Airplane in flight @BlueDart14
177. with riding mower N/C
178. At Baseball Field @Akcarlsonfam5
179. On a Bridge @Donny2020
180. At an Underpass @SmokyOwl
181. Tires in Sand N/C
182. Moon over Dart @Akcarlsonfam5
183. Brick Road N/C
184. Train Station N/C
185. Model or R/C car @un4givn85
186. With a Storm @Akcarlsonfam5
187. Body shop @BlueDart14
188. With dartboard @grashoper
189. US/Canada flags @Captain Slow
190. Old folks home @BlueDart14

First Place: @BlueDart14 (26)
Second Place: @Showboy (19)
Third Place 2 way tie @Radam3 (6) @Naamanb (6)
Not Completed: 24
Updated 7/12/15

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Will this work?
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Challenge # 2 Take a picture of your dart with a piece of heavy machinery.
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Made the sign before lunch today. Went to lunch where they always have snow removal equip in the lot somewhere waiting. Not today though! So, I return to work, turn off KC, and up in front of me (across the driveway) comes the Wednesday garbage collection behemoth. Put sign on car... get ready... wind blows sign off of the rear window lower edge where I tucked it in. Damn. Decided to hold sign, get car and garbage truck in frame.... click:

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I lied, they had the gates open. I forgot the sign, but how many photos M'13s with side skirts can there be for me to copy lol? Winning! @dad's dart, nice looking fiesta st in the background there.

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Picture of your dart next to another dart WITH a invitation tag to the site (found here).

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Well I think it's time for a new one. I would of tried for this one but every time I saw another dart it was gone when id go back to take the pic.

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Put this pic in the unique pics thread; cause its being deleted from here; its not what this thread is. lol
Booooooooooo! lol jk I put out 3 forum invites on Darts today but didn't take one pic to prove it because they were all parked in weird places. lol :disappointed: Can it still count? I want to keep this game moving!

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Works for me!!!! (for what that's worth).
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OKAY OKAY OKAY! I just wanted to post pics of my new car... I just got home and am SUPER STOKED!

The Next Challenge:

Your Dart @ a green light...

Yes, you will need to stop at a green light and take a picture of your car and the light... while holding your screen name in the shot. So you probably want to make sure no one is driving behind you /thumbs up
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