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Hey everyone , just a quick write up of how to remove side mirrors and Install new ones without removing the entire door panel.

tools needed: impact or wrench
8mm and 10 mm socket
Pry took or flat head screw driver.

Step one remove interior trim

Hood Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive mirror

Sleeve Hood Automotive design Gesture Finger

Use a flat head or trim tool to remove plastic cap, it has one clip up top and removes very easily to expose 3 mirror nuts that need removing.

Step two remove plastic trim next to door handles
Hand Automotive tire Finger Tread Thumb

Car Automotive tail & brake light Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Grille

Use a flat head or trim tool to remove this plastic piece

step three remove 10mm bolt
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting

Removing the 10mm bolt gives us the wiggle room needed to access the 3 8mm nuts holding the mirrors in place.

Step four Remove 3 mm nuts
Vehicle Car Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle

Pull back very little but do not pull too hard or the entire door trim will fall, only the first few clips need pulling to give you space to remove the bolts. Easiest way I have found of doing this is taking your wrench is breaking the nut free then unscrewing it with your fingers till the 3 are off.

Step five remove mirror assembly
Hand Hood Automotive tire Bumper Automotive lighting

When pulling out the mirror you will see it is attached to the wiring harness , use a flat head or your fingers to remove it and the whole mirror will come out. Then just install the new mirrors and repeat the steps in reverse.

Step six programming the mirrors
Either you can go to the dealer to program them for you or you can buy a obd link mx+ off Amazon and purchase the alfaobd program to do it yourself. Before you make any changes make sure you enable debug and error codes in the settings and make a backup of your card proxi settings before making any changes. Connect to the cars obd port using the scanner, connect under the body control module. Go to car configurations and enable heated side mirrors , puddles lights, Exterior courtesy/ puddle lamps. Now if like me you pulled the side mirrors with the turn signals unfortunately if your car did not come with it from factory is it possible to get the turn signals to work but requires a additional wiring harness for each side mirror as well as bcm as covered in this thread:

Remember to make one change at a time and do a proxi alignment after each change. Once complete turn on your rear defroster button and feel the mirrors getting hotter! Any quest feel free to reach out here or pm
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