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Hey there Dart friends, today I have a question about compatibility.
My multifunction switch (MFS) went out on my 16’ Dart SE (Non heated steering wheel & Slab shift, more on that later). I’m currently looking for a replacement. I’ve found some recycled darts near my location with a steering column assembly, however for a 15’. The only information I have at this time on the vehicle type of the 2015 Dart is that is a ‘floor shift’ and doesn’t have a heated steering wheel either.
My question come as, will the part recycled from the 15’ dart work with my ‘16 as a replacement MFS? (Steering column assembly has the MFS with it. If I’m mistaken please inform me)

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The MFS is combined with a clockspring and the steering control module. The clockspring is what is different if you have a heated steering wheel. It is possible to separate the clockspring by unclipping it after you remove the MFS assembly. Swap the clockspring and it should work. You do not need the entire steering column, just the MFS assembly. The clockspring is what carries the wiring from the steering wheel to the steering column wiring. When you turn the steering wheel, it maintains the connections.

1. MultiFunction Switch
2. Steering Control Module
3. Clockspring

When you pull the MFS assembly, be careful not to spin the steering shaft or the clockspring. You might want to tie a piece of wire on the clockspring so that it stays centered while you are working on it. Most likely, the junkyard clockspring is junk anyway because most totaled Darts have popped airbags and that destroys the clockspring.

This is what it looks like with the clockspring removed. I pulled this from a wrecked Dart at a junkyard. I still have it in my for sale thread.


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