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Sourcing a Clutch Master Cylinder for 6 Spd Manual 1.4L

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Hi Everyone,

For the past 4 weeks, my 2013 Dart has been a Limited (trim) Paperweight due to the common clutch master cylinder issue.

The trouble is my mechanic and my own attempts to acquire either an OEM or 3rd-party replacement part have been unsuccessful. Mopar has no replacements available and they've been on backorder since 4/22. 3rd party vendor supplies have either dried up or are on backorder too.

In an attempt to exhaust all my options, I want to post here and see whether any of you fine folks happen to be in possession of one you're willing to sell. If so, feel free to DM me. The details of what I'm after, are below.

Thanks in advance.
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i have one if a 2013 dodge dart 2.0 will fit. i am parting my car out, txt me at 9045714235 if can help
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