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What do you guys think of the mighty vac method I used? I know it sounds kinda sketchy but it did work flawlessly. I haven't had any problems with the clutch pedal since doing this and the clutch system is now working flawlessly.

I wasn't looking to install the CDV delete that weekend initially but the day I came back from a 4 day trip that week prior I attempted to start the car but couldn't get it in gear and the clutch pedal was very weak which I knew must be there all well knowing pedal falling to the floor issue that I was worried about just that it wasn't weak enough to actually fall to the floor. After pumping it a few times it was back where it was and was able to drive. But it scared me for the future of driving it reliably and gave me the boot to the ass to get it done.

I will say that when using this method be gentle on the suction because the slave cylinder isn't designed to have suction applied if I understand correctly. You don't want to pull too much and have it get jammed or something. But I haven't missed a shift, haven't grinded a gear, no more jerkyness ever since doing this. And the amount of extra quickness I have gained not waiting on the CDV is insane. I don't have anywhere to check 0-60s at this point, but if I did I would almost bet I have gained a second.
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