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Recall V34 Shift Cable Bushing

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wonder how many techs are going to crush the bushing without using the installation aid and just use a pair of channel locks and jam it in there.
Exactly why I want to do this myself.
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Can you actually purchase the bushing with the installation aid?
Yes, finally found two online Mopar sellers that didn't cancel the orders. I will have 4 kits probably by the end of the week for a total of $11 including shipping.
I will probably give the extras away to like minded members.
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First order arrived in today's mail.

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Just got an email, 2nd order got cancelled. FCA must be reading these threads. Maybe after a few months, they won't be so careful?
I already fixed that by getting the deyeme racing bushing. No tool needed to install.
Isn't the Deyeme bushing for a manual trans. I tried to find that bushing on the Deyeme racing site, not sure what you used? The recall is for automatics. The cost is $1 plus shipping from a few online Mopar sellers. Can't beat that price.
CSTGV341AA is the part number. Check:
QuirkParts com
All of these will sell you the bushing. Listed in order of cheapest to more expensive shipping.
The fix will only keep the shifter cable end firmly attached to the trans shift lever. When the original bushing fails, nothing happens when you want to go from park or neutral to reverse or drive.
Yes, I have extras. PM sent.
I tried reporting it. Eventually, they stop sending postcards.
1 - 13 of 22 Posts
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