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RECALL: Engine Torque Rod Bolt

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Hey All,

I just logged into the Dodge Vehicle Owner's site and I apparently have a recall for the Engine Torque Rod Bolt, I've not logged into this site for over 4 months (not since I got my Dart). I'm just wondering if anyone else has this recall currently or has had it performed?

Vehicle Owner's site:

P.S. currently there is only a TSB sub Section, not a Recall sub Section hence the location of the post, Mods please feel free to move the post.
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Mine is on the recall they have to order the part in.
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Just had my torque rod bolt replaced and this is what it was that needs replacing.

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Can someone explain what this bolt does and why it's so important? I already had the recall done but I'm very curious as to what this bolt is for, especially after seeing this thread which supposedly has to do with this recall: Thanks.
The bolt stops the engine from over torquing and causing stress on the engine that can cause the extra stress on the internal parts and cause them to break.
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