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Hello all, I have been wanting to contribute to this forum so I finally found some time to post a write up of how to install the universal Rally Armor mud flaps. I used some ideas from other members (specifically @marqis for the coil spring booster idea), and I want this to be a more thorough how-to guide for all of the newbies out there (like me!).

For the fronts it was pretty straight forward. To align the flaps I taped them up on top of I believe 4" blocks and took a step back to see how the would look, then I put a dab of motor oil on the existing push-pins, and pressed the flap against this to see where I would need to drill the holes.


I then took two flaps back to back and drilled these two holes for the two push pins (did both front at once for more even alignment, make the proper Rally Armor logo will be facing backwards when doing this!!). I bought a pack of some heavier duty push pins also so that I didn't have to be worried about breaking my stock ones and I think they look a little better. After I got the two push pins secured I stuck my drill under the car and drilled towards the fender liner/mud flap to create a third hole for stability. I then placed a third push pin here and the front was all set.


Completed front:


Now, the rear was where it got tricky. I used the spring spacer idea as found in a few other threads, but the instruction wasn't too clear, and here is my solution. First, I removed the plastic flap that was under the vehicle by the fender liner so I had easy access to the internal side of the fender liner. This took two bolts on the bottom (that will most likely need some liquid wrench), one push pin, and one very large push pin cylinder up top that can be removed with a large flat head. Once this was removed the car was easy to work on, especially with my brothers help. For the rear install, here goes:

There are two recessed screws with those thread/nut pocket type holders in the fender liner. These:
I decided to go to a local hardware store and buy some 2.5" long bolts, and some slightly larger of those nut pocket type clips for these. To take up the extra room I put on 1.5" of plastic spacers between the recession and the mud flap.
This provided a flush mount with the curve of the fender so that there were no gaps and the flap was secure. For the third mounting point I used the coil spring spacers with a 2" bolt/nut with some washers.
I mounted all of these fixtures, and again did the motor oil trick on the tips of the bolts, and pressed the mud flap against this. I again drilled the holes through both remaining flaps where the oil was and completed the install. I repeated the mounts for the other side, and this went much faster since the holes were already drilled. For the entire install I only had to drill one 1/4" hole in each fender liner for the third mounting points, so if I ever wanted to take these off I could easily find a way to plug the hole or leave it open.

These do vibrate a little from wind starting around 60mph and they start getting to be more noticeable going 80+ as I have been told by people following my car. I have been thinking about placing a small metal bracket that would mount on two bolt holes going towards the outer bottom corner which catches the wind, so that they would be more stiff. I also for now don't mind it since I know once snow and salt hits the road that these will help my car out a ton.

Completed pics are below, tell me what you think!! This was my first DIY instruction, so if I was unclear just ask if you need help!




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