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Power Stop Evolution Kit?

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Looking to upgrade brakes and wondering if anybody has installed Power Stop's kit.

Power Stop Evolution Caliper Brake Kit - Reviews & FREE SHIPPING!

Would I have any issues with these fitting inside the stock 16" steel wheels or the 17" rallye hyperblacks? Any other brake kit suggestions? Looking for something that includes everything. Pads, rotors, and calipers. I'll be getting the Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines from Modern Performance.
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What is the reason you want to "upgrade" the brakes? I mean, I hate to say it but a caliper is a caliper... unless you are swapping to a BBK there is no reason to cahnge the calipers. They will work the same as stock ones as everything is the same... same lines, same fluid, same booster... If you want to save money and get better braking, just swap pads and rotors to high performance ceramic ones!
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I meant upgrade as in what you mentioned. Better pads and rotors for better performance. I'm only interested in calipers to clean up the look.
Ahhh i gotcha... So if you are interested in saving money and making it look good and work well then here is what I suggest!

Go to Ebay and look up the vendor Brakmotive, he is a great vendor that sells slotted and drilled rotors, with powerstop pads! The front kit for rotors and pads are just $92!!! Many, many people here on the forum have tried these rotors and pads (including myself!) and will swear by them! @youngsmith53 @viperman96

Then if you want that nice sleek red caliper, you can go on amazon or to most of your local auto stores and ask or find the Duplicolor PAINT-ON caliper kit!

HERE is a link: Dupli-Color BCP400 - Brake Caliper Paint Kit | O'Reilly Auto Parts

The reason I say to go with the PAINT-ON and not the spray-on is that the paint is more thick and will be easier to work with after you clean your calipers up! Also, you wont have to block off the rotors or anything to protect from over-spray!
NICE! that looks super dope! Great job with the painting!
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