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I cant seem to find if someone else has posted a similar issue *sorry*
a month ago I was on my way to work when a chime came over my dash
lost T/C, ABS, and couldn't activate cruise control(turns on the dash but wont activate)
I didn't his a bump and wasn't driving in the rain.
got on the highway no problem, got off the highway no problem.
when I went to turn onto another street turning the wheel wasn't "as fluid" as normal but not difficult.
got to work no problem.
over the next two weeks this issue kept re-occurring in the same route to work.
then it magically went away for two weeks.
now its back.
the one morning oddly enough the power steering was almost impossible to turn, I pulled over, killed the engine and re-started and it went back to "as fluid"
no check engine code or any other light on the dash (other then TPS cause my snow tires have no sensors)
I'm missing my cruise control pretty hardcore right now...
any suggestions?

2013 dodge dart 1.4L turbo engine with 6 speed manual, if it helps.
was originally thinking a fuse, but a fuse would be 24.7
also to help, before the light turns on, I do left turns, right turns and even travel up and down a apartment building ramp, time frame is usually 4-7 minutes before it kicks in. AND this is consistent with the morning and evening trips.

hope all this info helps...thanks!

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Probably a bad electrical connection. Any codes? Not every scanner picks up B, C, and U codes.
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