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It says all makes/models welcome so here goes...
Not enough posts for me to be able to post pictures yet.

Beginning in 2000 and ending in 2016 wife and I had gotten into Pontiac Fieros. At one time, I had in the yard and driveway:
One 1984 silver 4 spd 2.5.
Two 1984 Indy Fiero Pace Cars.
One 1984 white SE.
One 1988 Red had a broken crankshaft and I ended up getting rid of it rather quickly.

The rest, we drove for years, to lots of car meets in Texas and Oklahoma.
I miss them as they were loads of fun to drive but it got to where I could not bend easily enough to get into and out of them.
Before you ask, No, none of them ever caught fire while we owned them..or after as far as I know..
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