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Hey there, does anyone know of a good tutorial for diy paintless dent removal?
Don't know of any "tutorials"; however, if its a larger diameter dent (1 inch or greater in diameter) I've found the thermal expansion method to work about 30% of the time. Your chances of success will increase if the dent is less severe and/or larger in diameter. Also this almost never works for door ding dents.

1. Buy a can of compressed air/electronic air duster from your local office supply shop.
2. Obtain a heat gun (some youtube videos will say a hair dryer will be sufficient, but in my experience its not hot enough)
3. Turn the air dust can UPSIDE DOWN and and discharge the whole CAN onto the dent. It will emmit a super cold liquid nitrogen-esque spray which will get the metal on the car extremely cold. So cold that frost will form on the body panel.
4. While your doing this have a buddy standing by with the heat gun turned on.
5. After the air duster can is empty, IMMEDIATELY hit the same spot with the heat gun.
6. If your successful, the drastic cold/hot transition will POP the dent out.

Some Notes:
1) when using the air duster upside down, the can will get extremely cold. I recommend using thick gloves.
2) its best to do this when its dry out. If its humid ice can form inside the air duster sprayer spout and clog it before the can is 1/4 empty.
3) if you live in a climate with big yearly temperature swings (like Michigan) its possible that on a cold day in the winter the dent will re-form.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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