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Hey folks!
I've got the 2.4, the trouble code p0520 popped up the other day and immediately parked the car, it still ran good with no noises.
It was getting close for a oil change so before pulling the sensor I was going to check the oil for issues. I found a good amount of metal shavings in the filter but nothing in the oil. I changed the filter,oil, sensor and added stp to thicken it up. But the code returned a very sort time later.
I dropped the oil pan today to get a look inside, the pan was clean and no metal anywhere, pulled the filter with more metal in it.
My assumption is the oil pump is smoked, and assuming the pump sends oil to the filter first. I looked for a oiling diagram but no luck. Does anyone know otherwise on our oiling system? Just not sure if i need to pay attention to the crank bearings....
Thanks for the help!

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If you can, test the oil pressure with an oil pressure gauge. On the 2.4 engine you test the pressure from the oil temp sensor on the head.
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09 - Engine, 2.4L Multiair / Lubrication / Diagnosis and Testing


Anytime the oil temperature sensor is removed, it should be replaced with a new sensor.

1.Disconnect and remove oil temperature sensor (1).

Threads in the head are British Standard Pipe (BSP). Do not install a NPT threaded adapter, this could crack the cylinder head.

2.Install threaded adapter 9879 (1).

3.Install oil pressure gauge (2).

4.Start engine and record reading on oil pressure gauge (1).
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5.If oil pressure is 0 at idle, shut off engine. Check for pressure relief valve stuck open or a clogged oil pick-up screen.

6.Remove oil pan and inspect for debris (Refer to 09 - Engine/Lubrication/PAN, Oil - Removal) .

7.Remove oil pressure relief valve (Refer to 09 - Engine/Lubrication/VALVE, Oil Pressure Relief - Removal) . and

8.Inspect oil pressure relief valve (Refer to 09 - Engine/Lubrication/VALVE, Oil Pressure Relief - Inspection) if damaged replace.

9.If pressure relief valve is ok, replace balance shaft module assembly (Refer to 09 - Engine/Lubrication/PUMP, Engine Oil - Removal) .

10.After test is complete,
remove oil pressure gauge (2) and adapter 9879 (1).

11.Install a new oil pressure temperature sensor (1) and connect electrical
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I don't doubt my oil pressure is out of spec (I would have tested it but noticed it my tester is need of replacement)
My question is there a oil flow diagram of the 2.4 or does anyone know the oil path for sure, I assume it flows from the pump to filter to crank and top end. I would feel fine just replacing the bsm unit, but if there's a possibility the metal is from any main bearing material I'll be replacing the engine.
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