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Oil on spark plugs.

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Ive been having driving issues. ( slow Acceleration, bit of stumbling) checked spark plugs and found all four to have a coat of oil on the threaded end.
So now im going to replace the pcv, valve cover gaskets, and spark plugs & seals. But i cant find the kit for my 2013 aero 1.4 T.
The only thing the comes up is the 2.0.
Where can i find one? And the spec?
And would the gaskets but the best place to start for the oil on plugs? Im at 97000.
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From what I can see of the part number, those appear to be the original equipment type plugs...NGK were the stock plugs. Recommended change interval is 48000 kms ( about 29000 miles) which is quite low but if they're the original plugs, you're overdue anyway. V/C gasket and tube seals etc are inexpensive enough at the dealer...available in the current world economy is an unknown. Hard to get a real idea but the gap on those plugs look huge, double check before installing each plug, you should be gapped at 0.028". You have to use feeler gauges on platinum/iridium/ruthenium type plugs and be careful. it's very easy to damage the tip!!
Yes!! The gap on these was mid 30's!! I did set the gap to 28 also. I had to try 3 places before i found a store that would order the gaskets. So hopefully next weekend ill be able to change them out. Ill have pix.
I had oil on the #1 plug (driver's side of engine) at 57K, and replaced the valve cover and spark plug tube gaskets. The dealer was the only place that carried them.

I also replaced the Multiair filter near the timing gear (passenger side of engine). I had to buy a 10mm hex key and turn it using a box-end wrench, no room for a ratchet.

Finished it up last Thursday June 9th.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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