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Oil consumption

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Has anyone gotten the new update for the oil consumption on the 2.4 engine? I'm just curious if it works? I've got an appt for Tuesday to get mine done.
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Can someone please explain exactly what that recall is doing? What exactly are they modifying to help with the oil consumption issue?
The engine is sucking oil during deceleration. They are changing the vacuum parameters in the ecu to eliminate this. This is why people say it coasts better after the fix, you no longer have that engine braking occurring.
Thank you. I’m just curious, is the vacuum being diverted elsewhere? Or just lowering the amount somehow?
So less engine braking seems to be the only real difference that people notice?

I’m just always slightly afraid to mess with things like this. I change my oil every 4K miles (severe driving recommendation, just to be safe) but the engine is usually down between .5 and 1 quart by then.
I just changed my oil for the first time since I had the update done. I made sure the oil level was topped off right after the update was done. I drove the car approx another 1500 miles, and the update seemed to work. Car wasn't as low as it would've been when accounting for the mileage difference.

Now with an oil change, I'll report back at my next oil change how it's been doing.
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