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We just posted this video on our Youtube Channel. Even though this is specific to the Fiat 500 Abarth, a lot of the procedure can be transferred over to the Dart 1.4. Hopefully this can help some of you who are looking to either upgrade their turbo and/or manifold or are replacing their stock unit!



In this video, we show you how to install the NGEN Performance Turbo and Exhaust Manifold on a Fiat 500 Abarth. This procedure will also work on Fiat 500 Turbo as well as the Fiat 500L, Fiat 500X (1.4 turbo) and Dodge Dart (1.4 Turbo)

Tools Needed:

Electric Impact (Small)
Electric Impact (Heavy Duty)
Flathead Screwdriver
Phillips Head Screwdriver
3/8” Socket Wrench
1/2” Socket Wrench
7mm Socket
8mm Socket
10mm Socket
13mm Socket
14mm Socket
15mm Socket
17mm Socket
9mm Deep Socket
10mm Deep Socket
13mm Deep Socket
Drip Pan
8mm Mini Wrench
10mm Mini Wrench
4mm Allen Socket (EC V4.1 Intake Only)
5mm Allen Socket
E12 Socket
T27 Torx Bit Socket
T30 Torx Bit Socket
T60 Torx Bit Socket
8mm Wrench
10mm Wrench
12mm Wrench
13mm Wrench
19mm Wrench
22mm Wrench
Socket extensions

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To purchase the NGEN Performance Turbo and Exhaust Manifold for your Fiat, click here:

NGEN Performance Turbo Upgrade (Several Options) (Multiple Fiat & Dart Applications)

NGEN Performance Exhaust Manifold (Multiple Fiat & Dart Applications)

For all of your Fiat, Abarth & Dodge Dart performance parts, please visit our website at:

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NGEN Customs & Performance - Abarth, Fiat & Dart, Performance Parts | NGEN Customs & Performance




E-mail: [email protected]
Call/Text: 832-948-9409
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