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Do Americans not believe in maintaining roads? In almost 8 years, I have never damaged a tire due to a pothole, and the only "structural" damage to a wheel is a small bend in the lip, and that happened on a highway on ramp in PA that had an inexplicable and extremely dangerous crater-sized pothole that I couldn't avoid without an off-road excursion into the wilderness. I still have my original wheels, which otherwise are just chipped and dinged a bit. Also, one of them may have some scrapes from a curb whose position may have been misjudged.
We believe in over-paying for an inferior product. Road repair is like a mobster run entity around here. They charged 1.2 billion(forgot exact amount) for 20 miles of highway. Estimated completion time 20 years. They just finished the latest batch of 5 miles and then told everybody, whoops sorry we put the wrong concrete blend down so we will have to rip it all out and start over.

Their latest scams involve repaving the highway but moving the existing road slightly in the name of "safety and traffic reduction". This means they have to spend months moving giant piles of dirt from its current location to a new location 200 feet away.

Don't get me started on the new "diverging diamond" road construction. Dumbest mess I've ever seen. I can't wait to see how much traffic that adds.
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