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I purchased an amsoil kit and grabbed the filter.
After searching everywhere for a set of ramps that this car would go up without killing the front bumper, I went to work.
I spent an hour getting off the drain bolt as it was on there very good. The oil that came out was black. It was very unsettling.
The filter looked far past spent. My dealership told me they changed the oil and I guess they lied.

Anyway, after draining it pretty well dry I pored 4 qts of amosil 5w40 into the crank case.
I feel that the car is running a lot better. I don't see any leaks, even though I had to re-use the oil pan plug seal so that is good.
I could be imagining it, but the car feels like it has more pep and is smoother when running....

Anyway, good experience if I get past the oil bolt that was tightened to probably 5000ft-lbs lol
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