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Looking for some help in installing the MPx header and dual exhaust system. Did some searching and couldn't find anything that details the install. The kit itself didn't come with instructions.

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Basically looking for specific tips for removing the stock system and installing the new...looks pretty straight forward, but relying on others experience to save me some grief.

Actually noticed a bolt hanging down in the belly pan when I was removing it, turns out it looks to go to a bracket that ties the current exhaust to the engine/transmission. Factory must have missed that one :D.

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I'm approaching the header install using the typical center out in a crisscross pattern to "The Bible's" exhaust manifold bolt torque value of 25 ft.-lbs. using anti-seize on the bolts. Do the headers need a different torque value? Are any of these bolts into a water jacket by chance? I couldn't find a value in the bible for the O2 about 22 ft.-lbs., also with anti-seize?? Most of the exhaust connections are flanged...any input on what the flange bolts should tight as I can get them with a 3/8" driver?

The rest of the exhaust seems to be standard issue.
My plan is to install the whole system finger tight and confirm the fit...then tight it from the front header I would normally. It looks like the only length adjustment is where the header down pipe meets the rest of the exhaust. Based on the look of the system (very nice), it'll fit in with no issues.

The car already has the Mopar CAI, and just put on the Ram-Air system...both gave the exhaust a little more bark. Looking forward to hearing it after I get this system on.

Any help would be great.

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