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My son has a 2015 dodge dart. After driving a pick up and old bronco for years he wasn't use to the low ground clearance
and ran the front of his car up on a parking curb. In doing so he tore the undercarriage cover and smashed some sort of electric connector and it came unplugged. He plugged it back in but since it wasn't a snug fit it came undone and got completely worn off. Now we don't know what it went to. The car runs and drives fine. The only thing that is not working properly is the AC. Any Ideas what it might be??

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Most likely, the automatic grill shutter connector. That's the only thing down there. Check with Benny Hopefully that connector can be replaced with a new part. The part number for the connector is 68225125AA. That or get a replacement from a junkyard. Other FCA vehicles also have AGS, so it may not be all that difficult to replace. If you end up splicing in a pigtail, make sure to use solder and adhesive lined heat shrink tubing over the splices.



Looks like it has been discontinued. I did see one site that still lists it but they might not have updated. Give tham a call.

You also might want to check about that closeout panel. It's a large piece and shipping may cost more than the part. The AGS may also have been damaged.

EDIT #2:
The connector is available from Mouser:
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