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2015, Dodge Dart SXT
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Dodge Dart SXT 2015 Automatic 2.4L 80k+M

This past July I started having issues with car turning over. I’d go to start car and the lights would turn on but engine wouldn’t turn over. It would happen on and off sometimes the car would run just fine and out of nowhere it wouldn’t turn over. No engine light or battery lights etc. appeared. I got the a point where if not starting I could put it in neutral and start it up. I put a new battery in and eventually the same situation kept occurring. I noticed it was usually whenever it reached 80-90+ degrees outside. Not too many issues between end of summer into winter. Now yesterday we had some shitty weather, super cold out, slushy and rainy. Last night my entire car went dead after trying to start it when leaving from a store (I was driving it around as normal just prior to this). It was similar to before the only difference was this time the entire car was dead, I couldn’t get any light to turn on, car wouldn’t turn over, key fob wouldn’t even work or the overhead light. A guy came and gave me a jump and got it to start. I have a new battery tho.
I could use all the suggestions I can get because my mechanic can’t even diagnose the problem properly unless it’s in a dead state, and I can’t tow it to the mechanic unless I can move the car in neutral, so they give me a jump each time and then car goes back to working as normal. Last night I had to wait 2 1/2 hours for someone to come help me in 22 degree weather I was stuck in my car, I really need to get it repaired so this doesn’t happen to me again this winter. Again any ideas or suggestions are welcome and I’ll just go through a process of elimination.

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When this happens, check the voltage at the battery with a multimeter. You might have a parasitic draw with something staying on all the time. Check battery terminal connections. There should be no corrosion and they should not move or wiggle. Check the ground wire where it is bolted to the body and the engine.
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