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Hey guys! New to the forum here. I have a ‘14 2.4 SXT Rallye that I’m doing minor conversion to the GLH prototype from 2015 SEMA.
So I’ve been noticing this problem I have with my shifter. The stick feels sloppy and seems like it has an excessive amount of play when in-gear and in neutral. I have read a few threads addressing a similar issue but couldn’t find the answer. Also watched videos to conclude that it could and most likely is a bushing that has worn out?
I would like more expert advice to see if it is a legitimate problem or it’s just how the car naturally is. I have driven a handful of manual cars and the shifting was always firm and snappy but in this case it feels loose as if I can pop out of gear at any moment.

Also, a secondary problem is sometimes the stick seizes up and it takes a bit of force to get into and out of gear? Wether it’s a lubrication issue or a linkage, or in fact just a bushing (hope it’s not the trans or syncos) I would like to see what could be the problem before I bring the car in for maintenance.
I haven’t gone to the stealership just yet, kinda want to figure it out on my own and do a little DIY..

Please help! And if y’all have some helpful links or a thread I missed, throw those down too!
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