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Warning... new guy here.

I bought a used 2013 dart rallye 1.4L with 75k miles. At about 100k I started getting the low boost codes. I was planning on doing a few mods anyway so I took the opportunity to do so.
Here’s what I’ve got.

I replaced the turbo with a used OEM off a wrecked dart with 30k miles. New mopar exhaust manifold gasket. New boost solenoid. New plugs. And installed a short ram intake with a K&N Filter. During all of that my coolant T broke and couldn’t find a replacement so I engineered one out of brass fitting with gasket maker for a thread sealant. I know, it’s rigged but I’m glad I got that crap plastic out of there and it holds with no leaks. So embarrassed but happy. And I’ve adjusted my wastegate to 8 full turns from factory specs.
Im still getting a low boost and now I’m getting a jerky acceleration when the turbo kicks in anytime I throttle over 50%. If I ease into it, no problems and I don’t get a code for days but as soon as I start punching it a few times the code comes back.

Any ideas would be super helpful. Thinking it might be my coil packs but that doesn’t make a lot of sense and they are the NGK’s.

Thanks in advance.


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