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Hello all.

So I just replaced the faded headlights on my gf's 2015 Dart SXT. I also upgraded to a Morimoto 55W HID kit as well.

However, I ordered an aftermarket set of OEM style headlights (not the Spyder style with the LED bar) and the projectors were aimed really low right out of the box. Unfortunately, I've maxed out the height on the adjustment screws and they're still way too low. I don't drive my gf's car often so I'm unsure of what the cutoff of the OEM projectors was, but this definitely seems too low. The drivers side beam is also much lower than the passenger side beam.

I've attached an image below to show the car parked in my alley with the low beams on. In all my cars the beams shine well into the next yard across the street, and at least another foot up the garage. But these headlights do not let me go any higher than this. Taking them out on the road I can only maybe see 30 feet in front of me with the drivers side beam and maybe 50 feet with the passenger side beam. They're literally aimed UNDER the bumpers of the cars in front of me. Quite dangerous as we live in a rural area, and the point of even doing this was to get better light output to spot deer and other hazards in the distance on pitch black roads.

Building Automotive lighting Electricity Road surface Asphalt

This other image has the drivers side cutoff marked in red to show how low it is with the adjustment screw maxed out.

Building Electricity Road surface Mesh Tints and shades

This third image is me parked behind my truck in my driveway. You can better see the extreme angle of the driver side beam. I'm maybe 30 feet from the wall at the back and the beam doesn't even reach it.

Automotive tire Tread Bumper Wood Automotive exterior

I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone can chime in about this. Is there any other way besides the adjustment screw to get the projectors aimed higher?? I understand that these are aftermarket units, and it was my biggest fear fear that the projectors would suck. The output isn't bad but I can't figure out how to get them any higher.

My gf says I'm overreacting, but it's hard to compare to her old headlights as they're heavily oxidized and had 6 year old halogen bulbs in them, so the light output was very poor already.

Do you guys think this is normal output? Or is there a defect with the lights? I'm leaning more towards the projectors are not installed correctly or a defect on where they mount, but I really don't want to go through the 5 hour long process of disassembling and reassembling the front end just to check. If I have to return them I'm just going to put the OEM lights back and do my best to clear them up.

Any help is appreciated.
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