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Ok here is part 2.

Now that you have the new rotor and the rotor retaining bolt back in place you need to reattach the caliper bracket.

11. Replace the caliper bracket back to where it belongs and tighten the bolts down the the factory spec of 48ft-lbs.

12. Open the brake fluid reservoir.
This is in your engine bay, the one pictured is in the 1.4L turbo engine bay...


13. Depress the caliper piston back into the caliper using a brake cube (pictured below)

This IS NOT a dart caliper but the tool is used the EXACT same way... you will set your ratchet to tighten and gently screw the piston back into the caliper...

14. Place the new pads into the bracket where they belong and replace the pad pins that you pulled out and set aside earlier.

15. Place the caliper back onto the bracket and thread the guide pins in till they are hand tight.
Once you have the caliper back in place and the guide pins hand tight, use your torque wrench and tighten the guide pins to the factory spec of 32ft-lbs.

Once you have 11-15 done you'll look like this!

Dont forget to replace the brake line back into its original place! Just press the gasket back into the place you pulled it out of.

Then, Place the wheel back onto the hub and replace the lugs bolts using the "star pattern" Get them hand tight, then lower the jack just enough till the tire is making contact with the ground.

Use your torque wrench and torque the lugs down to the 100Ft-lbs that is recommended by the owner's manual, then lower the car all the way down and pull the jack out from under the car!

Now, make sure to replace the brake fluid reservoir cap and tighten it down by hand. Then pump the brakes a few times to make sure the calipers are re-compressed on the brake pads!

I dont know much about the break-in procedures for the new pads and rotors, so I just followed the Powerstop break-in procedure HERE.

I hope that this helps all of you out when changing the rear rotors an pads!

If anyone else has anything to add I may have missed please comment away!

Here is a link to buy one of those brake cubes... normally Autozone will have them in stock but if you like ordering online...

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@Exitus04 Thank you so much. These tutorials for the front and rear pads and rotors were a life saver. I don't have an assistant so once things are apart, there's no running to autozone. This helped me have all of the right tools (Torx sockets, etc.) and parts needed before starting, and gave me a clear process to follow in order to get this done quickly. I can't thank you enough!






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