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[HELP!] Heater pipe snapped!

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While trying to remove the throttle body block, i was trying to move a pip out of the way to remove a bracket holding the throttle body.

One of the ends for the pipe, snapped and splashed some liquid in my face (water?)
The pipe is marked as "Heater". not entirely sure what it is.
If i want to guess, something to do with my AC(?).

Is the car drivable?
What is the part number for this pipe?

Picture below of the disaster.
Never again!

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Coolant has a very distinct smell. So does gasoline. Have you tried to smell the liquid?
Can you follow where the line goes or where it comes from?
You are holding a quick connect fitting in the last pic.
Try a local self serve junkyard. Many have online inventories with VINs. You can use the VIN to get build sheets to see if they have a 2.4.
Copy paste the VIN in this link:
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That PDF is really cool. is that something different from the FSM?
I found that pdf online before I had the FSM. It's almost the same as the FSM.
now that air got introduce, what is the easiest way to bleed the coolant without going to a mechanic?
Since that is the line from the coolant reservoir, you might get away with just topping up the reservoir. Sooner or later you will have to replace the coolant. Start looking for a vacuum fill tool so you can do it yourself. UView Airlift is what I have. So far I haven't used it on my Darts but I have used it on my Neons and my son's Crossfire. It makes coolant replacement easy and free of air pockets. Make sure to use the correct OAT coolant like the original Mopar coolant. You can find the concentrate on Amazon for about $25 shipped.
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I have pulled a throttle body at the junkyard. I remember access to the rear bolts was by feel only. I think I used flex gear wrenches for those rear bolts or maybe a 1/4 inch small ratchet wrench. Once you break them loose, it gets easier and you can use your fingers.
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