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Help ABS module/pump renewal how to

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The ABS Module needs to be replaced, however the ABS Pump and module are in a really tight place and hard to get to, is there a trick anyone can tell me on how to remove it? I understand the the brake lines need to be removed and all that, I am just having a hell of time reaching the two Bolts holding in the the ABS unit. Is there a trick to it or am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
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You might not necessarily need to remove the master cylinder.

05 - Brakes / Brakes, ABS / Hydraulic/Mechanical / INTEGRATED CONTROL UNIT (ICU) / Removal


1.Install the brake pedal holding tool.

2.Disconnect and isolate battery negative cable from battery post.

3.Remove the two positive battery cables from the (1,2) from the fuse block on the battery and feed the two cables through the bottom of the Power Distribution Center (PDC) tray.

4.Disconnect the electrical harness connector (4) in the PDC box and disengage the connector retainer from the bottom of the PDC tray.

5.Disengage the PDC from the retainers (3) securing to the PDC tray.

6.Carefully position the PDC (1) to the side above the upper strut mount out of the way.

7.Remove the two PDC tray mounting nuts (2) and one mounting bolt and remove the PDC tray from the vehicle.

8.Remove the brake master cylinder (Refer to 05 - Brakes, Base/Hydraulic/Mechanical/MASTER CYLINDER, Brake/Removal) .

9.Disconnect the ABS module connector (2) from the ICU (1).

10.Remove the brake lines at the ICU.

11.Remove the two bolts (3) securing the ICU (1) to the ICU bracket (2).

12.Remove the ICU (1) from the bracket (2).

13.If necessary, remove the bracket mounting bolts (1) and remove the bracket from the vehicle.
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