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GLH Big brake kit

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Just wondering if anyone knows if the big brake kit from the Dart GLH is available yet and if so what is the part number? Also is it any different than the Mopar brake upgrade found in the catalog as of 12/11/2015? Thanks.
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Just wondering if anyone knows if the big brake kit from the Dart GLH is available yet and if so what is the part number? Also is it any different than the Mopar brake upgrade found in the catalog as of 12/11/2015? Thanks.
It's much different than the mopar kit. The mopar brake kit is just some slotted rotors and probably some performance brake pads. ONLY the FRONTs. Rears are not included nor do i think they even make them.

Here is the link to the mopar one's:

Dodge Dart Mopar Performance Brake Kit - Front (Part No: P5156166)

So abour $422 plus shipping. I believe i got a quote from R1 concepts for all 4 and pads shipped for right arounf $420. Luckily found a guy with those R1 concept brakes selling them brand new. I got them $220 shipped! lol So I'm going to grab some nice R1 concept brake pads like Stoptech and be looking at around a little over $300 for everything. Not badddd.
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Yeah good deals! I think I paid around $336 for my complete kit. F/R rotors and pads.
Which are currently on my car. Figured I would break them in for you :serious:

Jk they are in my trunk lol along with all your other crap. lol
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I think I worded it wrong. What I meant was is the Mopar upgrade the one they used on the GLH or is it seperate. And yes @Cntrollerfanboy*they do have a set for rear now. With that being said, can I get a brake upgrade that comes with calipers as well? Preferably red ones haha
Do you have a link for the kit with the rear? Oh and sorry yeah i believe on their plaque they had Big Brake Kit listed and it was a prototype part so no not the Mopar one out now.
Mopar website is acting up on my phone, here is a screen shot from the catalog pdf off of their website I got today. View attachment 57544
Are there any full upgrades though rather than just pads and rotors?
Oh yeah i forgot about those. Yeah that looks to be full on pads, rotors, and calipers. The link i posted above was just rotors and pads and they never had the calipers available. I believe that is close to what was on the GLH if not the same ones. :)
Assume that everything in the Dart concept cars is just that: a concept. Almost nothing they have ever shown for the Dart has made it to production. Even the stuff they've actually said they were going to make. The GLH and its BBK will almost certainly be more of the same.
Well it's in the Mopar catatlog to buy right now. I thought the same thing about the ram air insert and it showed up in the catalog and boom someone bought it and had it within a week or two lol It's one thing when it was like the mopar CAI that was on back order for what over a YEAR because it was just not entirely finished through production. It showed up on sites and at dealers to buy but no one even had a picture of it. Until a year later and everyone canceled their orders lol
See that's what I thought and associated it with the GLH but I read that paragraph and it said nothing about calipers, those are only in the picture..
I know i was thinking the same thing but why would they put it in the pic? That's just asking for trouble if they didn't come with it.
Maybe I can use that as an excuse to get braided lines and calipers included for a discounted price hahaha
Good luck. You will need a whole hell of a lot of it. lol HEY you live in Columbus! Do i know you... :serious: lol

I was just at a meet we had down there near Polaris and we went to the Hoover Dam. Are you on the darts of ohio facebook page?
I am! Haha I was in the other red dart with the 2.4L
Small world!
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you don't need the BBK for the turbo upgrade.

*clears throat*

Has anyone even looked at the OEM rotors??!?!?! They are probably the beefiest rotors offered OEM. Hell just to upgrade to a "poor man's" BBK (yes, what I did here we call the poor man's BBK (and I thought what I did was overkill after taking off the front rotors)) like I did would be well enough and suited for a "turbo" application. These $2300 BBK applications are warranted for something that is going to push 350-400+ HP and torque out the wazoo. I'm all for people wanting to get excited about the Dart platform and new parts for the Dart and what not. But for the same of all that's holy, spend your money wisely and do your due diligence before you plop down the money.

No, I'm not telling people how to spend your money, that's not my place in the world. What I am saying is spend it wisely and thoughtfully. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. A BBK on a sub 200hp car is absurd, even with a turbo pushing north of 200 (250+) HP is even absurd as the stock OEM rotors are rock solid and beefier than they even need be. Just because it says Mopar doesn't mean the price is warranted or that it NEEDS to be installed...

/two cents.
//this is not directed at anyone, just my two cents on the old adage of "look before you leap" as well as "just because you have money, doesn't mean you should spend it."
Agreed. While I am sure they stop well, at the point of getting the Mopar BBK, it would only be for looks IMO. I know that's essentially why I installed my knew rotors... I had no issues with stopping power on stock brakes and rotors. But I got a steal on the rotors, and they looked great. Soooo I dropped the money :p

If I had unlimited funds, I would buy it. They would look sick, and I'd throw on a turbo kit, and every other part I could think of to make it look awesome, and go fast. But, I don't have unlimited funds. I don't even think all of my mods TOGETHER (I have a long list) even equal $2200. And that includes brakes, rotors, exhaust, intake, lights (i spend a lot on lights), road race tuner/pulley etc. I actually just did a number crunch on the biggest price items and it doesn't even hit $2200. Don't forget you will probably be taxed and or charged shipping on that too. Which could be another $150+ depending on where you live.

There is just no purpose for a big brake kit stock or lightly modded, and that's far too much money just to look cool. There are some users that track their cars, and really use them hard. Maybe those users would benefit, but at that point they sometimes have sponsors and supporters that might help pay some of that cost.
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