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Well im writing this up since theres no instructions with the BOV and no one has put up a detailed how to on it.
Tools needed are:
10mm socket
socket wrench
#5 Allen Key
Flat head Screwdriver

Auto part Vehicle

Start by using the 10mm socket to remove the two bolts on the Engine Cover. Now its going to be held on in the back by a plug. simply lift straight up from the back using a little force and it should pop right up.

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Theres that beast of an engine all naked. :in love:

Engine Vehicle Auto part Car Automotive engine part

Your going to be looking for this spot in the front by the turbo.

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Vehicle Carburetor

Use the flat head and loosen the clamp holding the intake hose by the turbo then simply slide it out and push aside. (you can remove the whole thing but i didnt.) Heres a shot of the turbo inlet. The oil residue is normal (catch can on my future list of purchases) cars only got 160 miles and its already present.

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Use the Allen key to remove the three bolts holding the Recirculator valve in place. You should end up with this in your hand.

Auto part Engine Fuel line Automotive engine part Vehicle

Make sure everything looks nice in there.

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Metal

Place the BOV plate in the hole matching the holes for the allen bolts provided careful not to lose any of the rubber o-rings and make sure they're in place. You can face the BOV plate any way you wish, i pointed it towards the front in an attempt to make it louder. Replace the recirculator on top and slide the bolts provided in and tighten them down. Replace the intake hose (make sure the notch matches the pin on the turbo) and tighten that down. Start the engine and check for any audible leaks. Give it a little gas and check out the sexy new sounds coming out from under your hood. lol

Auto part Fuel line Automotive fuel system Vehicle Engine

Replace the engine cover and bolts and your good to go. enjoy!!! :wink: I took the opportunity since the cover was off to paint it.

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I would say that the loudest would be shifting from 2nd to 3rd and from 3rd to 4th. That is, if you let off the gas enough to close the throttle body faster.
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