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FCA Recall: '13-'14 Dart 2L & 2.4L for incorrect hose routing.

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News | Dodge recalls vacuum tubes ?*no, not that kind

allpar said:
130,000 2013-14 Dodge Darts sold worldwide to inspect and possibly replace vacuum hoses (“vacuum tubes” in their words) on cars with 2.0 and 2.4 liter engines. The 1.4-powered cars are not affected.

The vacuum hose routing may have been incorrect, resulting in oil migration that could cause hard pedal feel and longer stopping in emergencies; oil can degrade the brake booster diaphragm over time.

A tell-tale may be a popping noise, a hissing sound, or hard brake pedal feel. Any customers experiencing this should contact their dealer immediately. The service is done at no cost.

There have been seven accidents resulting in two minor injuries that might be related to this problem. If oil is found in the vacuum hose, dealers will replace the pump, brake booster, and master cylinder. Owners can call 1-800-853-1403 for information.
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it seems that the added weight of the new reservoir causes the tube to shake violently under idle. I'm not sure if what I felt was the actual acoustic vibrations of the tube shaking, the tube hitting against the backside of the hood, or if the tube was shaking so hard that the actual vacuum pressure in the tube and going to the brake booster was fluctuating.

but so far so good with that added zip tie. maybe dodge rushed to get the fix out and didn't design an additional bracket, or my car just idles harder than normal. either way almost 1 week and so far nothing since I added it.
please post up once you have completed the recall, and if you experience any changes in anything brake related. hoping I'm a 1-off case.
Well, I just picked up my '13 from the dealership a few days ago and I've noticed the vibration as well. I seems to only occur when stopped long enough for the tach to drop to 500-600, and only after getting up to operating temp. I will be attempting the zip-tie fix today and I'll report my results here.
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don't get confused now, they replaced the brake booster vacuum line with one that is safer, but because of THAT design, I started getting flutter in the brake pedal 1-2 seconds AFTER coming to a complete stop. so zip ties don't fix the brake failure, the vacuum tube does. the zip ties fix a side effect of the safer vacuum tube.

so here are the pictures of newly designed tube (1st, 2nd, and 3rd pictures) and here is my remedy to the flutter in the pedal (4th picture):
My 2014 GT got the new vacuum tube installed. Didn't need the booster. As you can see in the photo, there is a plastic clip attached to the tube and to a wiring harness. Can't recall if that clip was on the old tube. It does keep the tube from flopping around.
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Done the recall today they change the brake booster and couples pieces around.
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