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Last night as I was driving my 2014 dart I heard a beep on my dashboard as I was making a right hand turn. I looked down at the dash and it said "Engine temperature too hot" I then noticed a light come on on the display. I think it was the throttle control light. That or the traction control light.

Anyways, I was working when this happened so I needed to use the car for the rest of the night, I only had a few more minutes to go before I could bring the car home and let it cool off over night. I drove it very slow and didn't do anything that would really tax the engine like running the a/c or idling. Once I arrived back to work I shut off the car and opened the hood to let the heat escape from the engine, thinking it might of been close to overheating. About 10-15 minutes later I come back and it's cooled down enough for me to feel safe driving it home.

I closed the hood started the car and noticed the coolant temp was around 170 when I started it. I turned on the heat to again draw heat away from the engine and not to tax it. I noticed it was constantly dropping and then raising, It would be around 155 degrees then go to 163 and or so and back down. I was able to make it home just fine with no more issues for now.

I told my dad about this issue and he says we should check the coolant and see if it's bad, he also told me to check under the hood and check the coolant and see if it lowers while the engine is hot but to not remove the cap. It's my first brand new car so I am learning a lot.

He also told me to not use the remote start for awhile since that really puts a lot strain on the engine and to just use the key to start the car. I've seen others post on here about this issue as well. Should I take it to my local dealer and see what they say? So I wait a few days and see if the problems goes away? An help would be great.

By the way it's a 2014 with almost 72 thousand miles on it already.

Any help would be great.

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