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Give your better turbocharged Dodge Dart 1.4L better response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures with this Turbo Actuator!

A Turbo Actuator is a valve which controls the flow of exhaust gas from an engine to the turbocharger. By controlling the flow of exhaust gas to the turbine of the turbocharger, the actuator can control the boost pressure provided by the turbocharger to the engine. The Turbo Actuator needs to be correctly matched for the engine and turbocharger combination to give the end user adequate control on boost pressure.

This upgraded Turbo Actuator has been designed as a stronger, more reliable replacement for OEM parts. It offers superior flow path and high temperature resistance which allows your boost to come on faster and holds on longer, putting you in control!

For the full details on this Turbosmart Turbo Actuator for your Dodge Dart 1.4L please visit Dart MADNESS at the link below:
Dodge Dart Turbo Actuator - Turbosmart - 1.4L Multi Air Turbo Online Store - DART Parts and Accessories
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