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Dodge Dart GT crank but doesn’t start

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New to the site. I’m creating a new post because all of the old ones I’ve seen either stop posting when it’s fixed and don’t give details or I’ve tried other solutions but didn’t help. So here goes. 2013 dart 2.4. Have it for a year. 111000 miles. Last week it would start with a misfire. Immediately shut off then restart fine. No codes. Then one day would not start at all. Replaced the battery. It started but later that day wouldn’t start again. New battery was tested and is 100%. Oil level perfect, maybe a little high. It cranks but doesn’t even hint at starting. Sounds like no spark. Replaced plugs, coil packs. Checked fuses and relays. Cleaned grounds. Fuel pump runs.
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I hear you. I would much rather do it myself. Just don’t know if there are any special tools, settings etc. My 69 Camaro I’ve had for 25 years, I do everything. Even the guy who does the state inspection for me won’t put the sticker on because he is afraid to touch it. And it’s a driver. I use it a lot. As far as the Dart anyone out there that lives in Long Island NY that has done the brick. I would love the help.
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