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Hello all! New here and not terribly car savvy. Trying to learn though.

Got a bit of a problem with my 2015 Dart Limited. I need new stabilizer links and bushings for the rear suspension. Got the stabilizer links pretty easily through my local Dodge dealership, but I hit a wall when I asked about bushings. I asked the parts manager who sold me the stabilizer links how much it costs for new bushings; all he would do was try to sell me a new stabilizer bar, which as far as my mechanic is concerned, I don't need. Plus, from what little I know, replacement bushings aren't too expensive. The stabilizer bar is like 200 bucks with taxes.

Can anyone tell me what gives? Is the dealership just trying to make more money off of me? Are the bushings on a Dodge Dart Limited just integrated components of the (IMO nauseatingly expensive) stabilizer bar?

Thankful for any help!
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