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Dart Burnout!

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Burning off some rubber before new tires...
Gets really good once i grab 2nd gear!

1.4T 6MT K&N Drop In.
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My son is in the US Army. after his first deployment he bought a 2010 Challenger R/T. we installed a CAI and catback Mopar exhaust. Dyno'ed 428bhp at the rear wheels. during his second trip to AFG, he left the car with me. OH MY GOODNESS can it do burnouts.....and loves doing them. Yes, I replaced the tires for him. Yeah, I gave up on my dart smoking about 3 days after I got it.....but I had to try, crap, my turbo PT Cruiser convertable, with auto would spin the tires pretty well, chirp hitting second gear with torque steer even.
turbo PT has 180hp and 215 ft lbs. and the trans was not built by Hyundai,lol.
Well to be honest, this Hyundai trans is superior than anything Dodge/Chrysler has used in their small cars in the last 25 years. Plus, my auto Dart chirps 1-2 no problem.
how is it superior when it is rated to not go over 180 ft lbs? then the 4 speed auto in the PT makes well into the 300ft lbs? and you say anything from chrysler? you know the transmissions in the old K Cars held up to 500ft lbs. so when your superior watered down Hyundai Tranny can handle 500 ft lbs. then tell me how superior it is. it was designed for economy and thats all. they didnt beef it up with anything special and no one here is trying to push it to the limits to find out so there is no real information on what the powertech can handle. so think about how you use the term "superior" when you think of chrysler's turbo car heyday.
Why would it need to be rated over that, it's in a Dart that only offers engines with less than 200 BHP. I compare a transmission based on the stock OEM engine that it is coupled to. It's superior because A) It's a 6 speed B) It's auto-stick is properly setup C) It can shift incredibly fast and firm D) Shift speed AND firmness are adjustable based on throttle input. E) Lightweight
thats not superior. -_- that is just efficient. the 62TE is better then the powertech. its quicker, stronger, smoother and has better aftermarket.
Well let's go back to specifically dart things. Comparing the 3 transmissions currently offered for the dart, I would have to say the powertech is superior than all of the other transmissions. Yes I said it. And I own a manual. Reason being, I hate this manual transmission, and with the whole CDV issue that we are still looking into, I almost wish I got the automatic. I have driven them, and while no you cannot have as much fun (spin tires as much, and just shifting in general), I found that for daily driving, the powertech is far better. And then the DDCT is on like REV 1million on TCM updates and still has the recall issue it's finally getting around to. While the trans is not bad, it's needed to come a long way to become acceptable.

But that is simply my opinion. This does not need to turn into an engine/transmission battle. Let's keep it classy, so keep it on topic.


I am glad to see the 2.4 can actually get some spin into second. I know the 2.0 never could. My friend with one tried it many times lol and it never happened. I feel as is the initial lag in the powertech's programming wouldn't allow it to get enough power to spin the tires enough for a burn out. I would have to see it I guess!
that is not what he was comparing the Powertech too. he was comparing it to ALL transmissions in Small cars for the last 25 years.

The 62TE wasn't offered in any small car offered by Dodge/Chrysler and it only works with V6 engines so that doesn't even apply to my original statement of "SMALL CARS".

My wife has a Chrysler 200 V6 with the 62TE and it is a joke. Shift speed is slow as can be, the Autostick is worthless on it, it won't lug gears, it won't chirp the tires even with 280hp, and it's downshift times are atrocious. Sure it handles more power, but it cannot shift worth a crap. How is that better than the powertech ROFL.
thats funny, i have watched plenty of videos of the avenger spinning tires, chirping into second. maybe you not thinking of the right transmission. i have test drove a 2.4 dart. not very chirpy.
the dart is as big if not bigger then the Avenger. so your own comment does not fit with your own comment,lol.
It's the same trans in the Avenger as the 200, the 62TE. Like I said, my wife owns a 200(1st gen V6) so I drive it quite a bit. It has never chirped going into 2nd, so perhaps the Avenger and 200 TCU programming are different. It will spin the hell out of the tires in 1st gear, agreed. Regardless, the Avenger is not a small car. It's a midsize. The Dart is a compact car based on the U.S-Wide platform.

The Dart is smaller than the Avenger in every way except for width. It is 0.2 inches wider compared to the Avenger. All the other dimensions are larger on the Avenger.

For 184hp coupled to an Automatic trans, chirping 1-2 is quite an impressive feat. Just one of the many reasons the Powertech is great in the Dart. Keep in mind, I am a manual transmission lover since I have had my license. I only got the auto because the dealerships didn't have any manuals. It takes ALOT to impress me when it comes to cars, and the Powertech has definitively impressed me.
considering it is 300-500 lbs heavier then the compact sedans in its class and that the dart weighs more then some of the mid sizers. its mid size. the point is you can not compare that Powertec to anything in performance because its not a performance transmission. a trans that is rated for 10 ft lbs more then what it comes with stock is not for performance. not to mention you go back to the K Cars. the autos back then where better then the powertec. the Manuals back then where better too. so make sure you understand that the powertec is a stop gap trans that got stuck.
I am comparing it with similar vehicles within the last 25 years from Dodge/Chrysler. You calling it a mid-size doesn't change the reality of it being a compact sedan. You can call it whatever you wish, but at the end of the day it's classified as compact sedan.

So starting with 1990... a list of small cars from Dodge/Chrysler off the top of my head. I'm sure there are some I am forgetting.
1G Neon
2G Neon
PT Cruiser

Do any of those cars have the following options? That's the difference here. If I could rig my 727 transmission from my 68' Coronet into the Dart, it would be bulletproof. But it would not be enjoyable by any means. The options + the enjoyment factor = superior.

A) It's a 6 speed.
B) It's auto-stick is properly setup. This means the stick is in the proper push forward/pull back like a true sequential and push = downshift, pull = upshift.
C) It can shift incredibly fast and firm.
D) Shift speed AND firmness are adjustable based on throttle input
E) Lightweight.
F) Fast/Firm shifting can be achieved at ANY rpm, not just near redline.
G) You can shift through ALL the gears using the auto-stick not just 1st or 2nd.
H) It chirps the 1-2 shift with 184hp.
the biggest problem, it is an automatic. the autostick is still boring compared to manual. you do not bond with the car like you would with a manual. the crappiest Manual from any of those cars is still more fun, lol. my dads turbo PT cruiser does not chirp, it SPINS tires from first to second and leaves tread marks. its a 4 speed auto. im tired of arguing over this. nothing you listed makes it superior. it still makes it YOUR OPINION. not FACT.
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