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I've had probably 20-30 stickshift cars before the Dart, but the Dart's clutch was always difficult for me. I've stalled it more than any other car I've driven, and I could never feel the engagement. Last year, I had the transmission replaced under warranty for a leak, and while they were doing the job, I had the dealer install a ClutchMasters disc & pressure plate. I wanted to do the CDV delete at the same time, but it was out of stock everywhere. When I got the car back, I noticed that when taking off in 1st gear, almost half of the time, I could hear the clutch grinding. The ClutchMasters setup did not like the delay valve. I only put a couple hundred miles on the car since then, as I have other cars and have been working from home, but today I finally installed the CDV delete kit from Deyeme Racing!

It was not as easy as I expected, but only because the clutch hard line was the rustiest part of my car. The nut at the end of the line wouldn't budge without starting to round out, so I had to cut the line and use a socket to break it free. The clip on the master cylinder was seized into place too, and once I did get the clip out (slightly mangling it), the delay valve needed some significant motivation to pop out of the master cylinder.
After that, it was smooth sailing. Bleeding was extremely easy with a pressure bleeder.
The result: No more stalling, no more grinding, it feels like a normal clutch! Highly recommended!

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