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I have a 2013 Dodge dart SXT 2.0L Auto. I was looking for a power source that can
1) turns ON when the key is on ACC or further
2) turns OFF immediately when the key returns to OFF

I have gone through several talks here and found some very helpful information. However, when I used my multimeter to actually test the different fuses in BCM and Interior fuse box, I could not find any of them has what I want.
Here is how I tested the voltage of each fuse:

Used an add-a-circuit fuse tap which is for the positive side of the multimeter. Then clip the negative side to some metal behind the knee panel.

I tested the red-circled fuses in BCM as following:

All of them had 12.xx V even when my key was in my pocket. Plugging in and turning the key to ACC or RUN will slightly drop the voltage, but it was still above 12V. I guess it just because of the load came in.

I also tested the Interior fuse box. The location for this box is horrible. I think I have a small hand but still rewarded some scratches on my back of hands.

I tested those red circled fuses and found they are on 12V all the time. The two yellow circled fuses make more sense for me, they only have power when the key is on RUN. The power will be cut right away after turning the key to ACC or OFF.

Then, believe or not, the power mirror, side windows, and the radio do not work after the key is turned to OFF while the multimeter can still detect 12V from the corresponding fuses.
The closest solution that I found so far is the cigarette lighter. It will turn on when I turn the key to ACC and will be turned off, but after around 30 seconds, after I pull the key out of the keyhole. I know this might because of the delayed accessory power feature. But still, I am so confused about why the fuses do not work on the way they should be. If there is one more thing that preventing me to use the power from the lighter, that is I need to peel off the wires behind the lighter to access the power. I hope I do not need to do this kind of damage. Those fuse taps work better for me.

Anyone can help me? Does your dart act like this as well? Or do you think is there any issue with my entire electrical system?
Thank you!

BTW starts from one day last year, my dart won't blink its corner lights when I lock or unlock the car from the key fob. Is this a clue for my issue? Other than this, my dart works fine.

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