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Bump while accelerating, no power...

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I hope that I am posting this in the right spot. Up in the sticky'd list of upcoming TSB's, there was an entry for "bump while accelerating, no power", which has been removed from the list of upcoming TSB's. My question is, why would they remove that if it's an issue? Do they no longer plan on fixing it?

I went to my dealer and asked if there were any TSB's, and they said none yet. I bring up running issues, and they keep trying to tell me they'll "look at it next time I'm in for service", or "we don't really have anybody to look at that now". I've never owned a new car, and always do my own work, so I'm kind of lost on how to proceed here.

My Dart is two weeks old with less than 1000 miles and everytime I accelerate I feel a firm "bump", that feels a lot like a broken engine mount causing the engine to shift backwards. I am also experiencing a complete loss of power when I pull up to a stoplight, where I have to basically floor the accelerator pedal repeatedly to get the engine to start to rev. And then of course there is the surging at part throttle cruise that everybody is complaining about. Couple all of this with a dealer that doesn't want to touch the car, and I'm at a loss.
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