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So i bought a kit off of ebay that got really good reviews here that came with power drilled / slotted rotors, and ceramic pads for all four corners.

Now I plan on getting the hats of the rotors and the edges powder coated, i would like to get my calipers powder coated as well but because I don't want to remove them I'd rather just get new calipers and swap them out. Are there any upgraded versions of calipers on the market that aren't big brake type? I found a powerstop four piston caliper but it's already painted.

Located here: Power Stop Performance Brake Calipers - FREE SHIPPING

I do not see rear brakes though. It matters greatly to me that the shades of red match, i plan on buying a set of rims with a red undercut inside the rim, i want the brakes to match this, can the current finish ON THE CALIPERS be removed if it doesnt match? there is a powder coating service literally down the street from where i live. Thanks

I did search for kits on here using the search btw.
four piston are you sure? I saw dual piston caliper.
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