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2013 Dodge Dart Limited. 6-Spd Auto. Factory bulbs were Halogen. Some time later I upgraded to HID they were sweet. I still have the ballasts and all the plugs if anyone wants to buy them. They are fully functional. You will need your own 9012 HID Lamps. I then decided to upgrade to LED.

These are LED lamps from Boslla. I ordered them on Amazon.

  • 9012 Headlight
  • H11 Fog Lamp
  • 6,500 Kelvin Color Temperature (both sets)
  • 7,700 Lumens per lamp (not so sure about that)
  • Zero Flicker
  • No Bulb out error codes (May occur on some cars)


Pic 1

All product boxes. I had ordered the Benebolt Decoders as recommended and just incase I needed them. I didn't. Refund!


Pic 2

Headlights: 9012
Fog Lights: H11


Pic 3

Inside the box.


Pic 4

One LED lamp.


Pic 5

Work area. (how'd that get in there)

Install the lamps as you would any headlight/fog light.


Most LED lamps need to be oriented correctly. I installed mine with the blade oriented vertically to throw light left and right inside the projector and this makes the power cord face straight down. This the correct way of installing.

After a very quick round the block (due to the hour) last night I wasn't entirely wowed; maybe I need more driving. The cut off seemed lower than factory. Flip to high beam and they performed as expected, death rays.

Tonight I will attempt to readjust the lamps by rotating them while they are on and see if I can obtain difference when the blade is offset or some chit.

I've read and watched reviews on these and they perform well from what i've seen. This may be a design difference with the projectors in the Dart. And this just means the lamps need to be oriented differently.

You can change the orientation of the lamp once the 9012 or H11 collar is locked in place.

Once locked in place gently slide the lamp out of the collar. Then reinsert the lamp so that the power cord
is facing straight down and thus making the LED blade vertical. You want the LEDs to throw light left and right,
NOT up and down.


Pic 6

Can't help but throw one in there. She's 8 years old. Check out those headlight lenses. Use Aerospace 303 on your lenses; they will never yellow.

Gonna have to wait for night time to get a pic of it lit up.

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OK so I am back to report that the LEDs will throw the Headlight Out Error. It is not too bothersome at all but I will add the anti-flicker modules to them again. Also if you have a hard time making sure your LED headlight is installed properly, I found that if you drive up to some glass especially with something dark behind the glass you will see what looks like a Cat's Eye. Make sure the line is exactly vertical.


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I bought the exact same Boslla bulbs for my car last summer. They have been totally trouble free, even with a nasty few weeks of -20 temps. I’m honestly surprised. The cooling fans are a little noisy though.

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The build quality is really good and I am glad to hear they are still going for you. The fans are a little noisy but that is masked by everything behind them 😉 These suckers get hot!

I am surprised at the lamp out notice too, that and I just don't feel they are that bright. 7200LM combined with a color of 6500K. They should light up the road a ways but the beam seems a bit closer.

My reflectors are still at factory specs. I may raise them up maybe an 1". I'll keep a record of turns made and maybe I can get the distance that these should get.
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