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Pass this Forward as F.Y.I.

I have a 2016 Dart base model, But this is the same fix for all Dodge Darts 2013 - 2016

About a week ago, my driver side blinker went out. But the light bulb was/is still good and when I turn on the head lights the light would turn on, But the blinker would not work. :mad: !
So, I stared looking for the fuse that controls the blinker or the relay. I looked and looked, but nothing !
the Dart DOES NOT HAVE A FUSE ! All you have to do is disconnect the battery for about 20 - 30 MIN.
This will reset the Body control module.

This is what I did to fix my issue, step by step.

1) Check the bulb. If the bulb has the two prongs then it is good.

2) Check for power to the plug.

3) Disconnect negative terminal from battery for 20 -30 Min.

I hope this help some of you.
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