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Add sales code by Alfaobd, how?

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I want to add sales code to my car (XBM, remote start) by alfaobd. How do i do it?
what does it mean? XXXYZZZ
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Yes I know There is a Mopar kit that has all the necessary parts. And installing it is not difficult I'm just thinking about how to add the sales code.
There are for Chrysler 200
Of course, my question was general and I wanted to know how to add sales code to bcm
I do not understand the meaning of XXXYZZZ
I think I found the solution to add the sales code.
There is XXX and Y value in uconnect system status alfaobd.
I type 00EEXBM for example (remote start sales code chrysler 200) and start, program is complete !!
But I don't know how to test it !
I need a sales code can be test
I was going to say it literally tells you what each part means..

And you cant test it as others have stated as its not assimple as changing the sales code
Is the meaning of each part the same as I mentioned?
I wish we could change the sales code. This could be a good change.
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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