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Hello forum; My wife and I own a `14 Dart Limited we purchased new mid year 2014. We live in north east Florida, a few miles south of the St. Mary's River, across which is Georgia. My wife works about fifty miles north of our home, which is why she drives a Dart. Great mileage and so far very reliable. The Dart now sits with 164K miles on the odometer and it has been well cared for. Mobile1 every 10K miles, Wix synthetic extended life oil filters, K&N air filter, high test brand name fuel and so forth. It is on it's second set of Pirelli P7 tires now, having gotten 90K out of them, we went back with them again.
So far the car has been great, just a few issues generally easily solved. I am a retired diesel truck mechanic, and naturally I do my own service, repairs, ect as much as possible. Oh yeah, we live on Mopar Drive; it is out actual address.

PS I have been reading this forum for a few years now. It has been a good source of info on the Dart as needed too.
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