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2015 Dodge Dart Battery light on

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I just purchased this Dodge Dart 2015 from Carvana with 54K mileage; and 2nd week it was already giving me issues. I received the battery light on my dashboard which I reached out to Carvana to inform them. They said a rep will look into my case 24 -48hrs. I continued to drive my car and the following day my steering wheel completely hard'end on me in the middle of a Canes drive thru! I turned off my vehicle & then turned it back on, was normal for 5 min then the vehicle completely shut down. I had to get my car pushed out of the DT in Neutral and wait for a tow truck to get me home. As soon as the tow truck dropped off my car in my lot, I had to put the car in Neutral again in order to park inside however I have no idea why or know how bad is the issue with the car because it no longer turned on not even to change the gear from P to N, nor to roll my windows up, nor to lock my car. 2nd tow truck that came that night just gave me a jump start and my car turned on immediately WITHOUT the battery light on my dashboard. Next morning when I tried to use my car; the same battery light message popped in my dashboard. SMFH. Can anyone confirm or chime in on this issue? I took it to auto zone and they ran a battery test and said it was normal and they also did another test and did not find any error codes on it.
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*Adding before my car completely died it went berserk with a life on its own and was giving all kinds of notifications on the dashboard.
The battery light is telling you either the battery can't charge itself or the alternator is not charging it. A Dart needs a constant supply of at least 12.5 volts to run all the electronics or you will get the symptoms you have.
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